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Ray Majors leads cacao development and sources the fine cacao used to produce SCHARFFEN BERGER Chocolate. His interest in cacao and sustainability began in West Africa where he saw cacao's potential to provide environmentally-friendly income to farmers. Ray also leads chocolate and confectionery optimization projects and our Cacao Center of Excellence program.

Ray has 34 years of experience making chocolate on five continents. He has received industry-wide recognition for cacao sourcing and flavor bean applications, and is a consultant for cocoa farmers and broker representatives. Ray also represents Hershey on the World Cocoa Foundation's Latin American Regional Sub-committee.

Aside from making the finest chocolate, his passion is the Amazon rainforest and how cacao can help reforest its ecosystem.

Chocolate Maker's Journal

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Posted on 2/2/2009 by John Scharffenberger

Joh Scharffenberger with drying beans

From making wine, I learned l lot about flavor and its origins in nature. This same idea carries over to chocolate making. We simply try to bring out all the terrific cacao flavors – the deep tones, the red-fruit sweetness, and a final, long crescendo of taste. While we're looking for good cacao beans, we stumble across some really great stories and wonderful people. We will be sharing some of our experiences through this journal.

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