Pairing Resources

Choosing an artisan chocolate is like choosing a fine wine: Each has a unique flavor profile borne from the very environment in which its beans grew. To discover the many luxurious flavors and varieties of SCHARFFEN BERGER fine artisan chocolate, select a cacao intensity or explore some of our favorite food and beverage pairings.

Cacao Intensity Wheel Where sweet meets salty, with a nice nutty crunch. Crunchy bits of cacao in an oasis of creamy milk chocolate. Hints of toasty caramel highlight rich, milk chocolate. Extra dark, mildly peppery and rich notes of dried figs. The end of this bright fruity chocolate is indeed bittersweet. Light citrus tones play nicely with just a hint of honey. Soft notes of honey meet the crunch of roasted cacao nibs. A sip of freshly roasted coffee in every snappy bite.

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Hosting a Wine Pairing Party

Chocolate and wine pairings are best enjoyed with company, so invite some friends over for a lively session of flavorful exploration. To prepare, gather several kinds of SCHARFFEN BERGER Chocolate, three to six varieties of red and white wine, glasses, note-taking supplies and palate cleansers. (Water and plain crackers work well.) Start with the lightest wine and sweetest chocolate, moving on to more full-bodied wine and darker chocolate. Use the resources below to guide your tasting journey.

From Wine to Chocolate When Wine Meets Chocolate

A distinctive taste experience