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And always have.


Any baker will tell you – every ingredient matters. That’s why we have so many fans in the kitchen.


Professional chefs swear by our dependable blend. It’s why they keep choosing Scharffen Berger again and again.


Since 1996, we’ve been blending America’s original craft chocolate. We’re the first farm-to-bar chocolate maker, and we’re still the one bakers and chefs look to when they want to create something magical.

Julia Child Was Right. I have the satisfaction of supporting a high end chocolate business right here in the US.

-Matthew H

Just for fun we tried over 15 brands of 70 to 72% dark chocolate .. We both agreed the Scharffen Berger had the best flavor and texture of the bunch and we've been buying it ever since.


– Donald D

Smooth And Delicious Dark Chocolate!

– Gloria P

Superior Chocolate Bar - The tranquility of the chocolate is superior, the flavor is smooth and dark. When I order, it is so hard to wait for the bars to arrive….delicious to the max!

- Marilou P

The Best Chocolate Cookie Chunks

When I make my chocolate chip cookies for a party, these chunks make them hands-down the favorite. I've been buying SB's 62% for a decade or more and still love it.

– Dennis S
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Our cacao code

Fair prices. Fair labor. Sustainability. Rainforest regeneration. 

We’re passionate about making the world of chocolate better.

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Revelatory Recipes

Scharffen Berger chocolates have long been loved and used by both professional and home bakers.

We’re constantly developing new ways to showcase our chocolate bars, chunks, and powders, and invite you to explore our expertly-developed recipe collection.