Farm to Bar Process

As the pioneers of American craft chocolate, we do all we can to make the world better, from farm to bar.  

We explore every corner of the globe to source the finest cacao from our small sustainable cacao farmers.

Our team and Master Chocolate Maker, Ray Major, travel the world in search of the finest cacao beans, carefully selecting and blending beans from fabled cacao-producing countries.  We’ve recently traveled to Costa Rica, Grenada, Panama, El Salvador, and Brazil to build relationships with farmers and purchase their beans directly.   The specific flavors of each bean combine to create chocolate with balance and pleasing complexity—not unlike blending a fine wine.

We taste over 150 samples of cacao varieties a year to blend the signature Scharffen Berger blend

Beans from each region are picked for their unique flavor characteristics—chocolate, fruit, spice, floral tobacco, leather, woody, earthy—and are specially roasted to bring out these notes. We craft these freshly roasted beans to produce our signature flavors, balanced and complex, highlighting the true, rich flavors of cacao.

Made In Ashland, Oregon

All of our chocolate is blended and molded in small batches at our manufacturing facility in the beautiful city of Ashland, Oregon.   Located in southern Oregon where visitors come each year to visit the famed Shakespeare Festival and amazing wineries of the Southern Oregon Wine region.  We are proud to call Oregon home.